Coil Formed Tubes Manufacturing Process

If you are looking to buy Coil Formed Tubes, then you need to know more about the manufacturing process of Coil Formed Tubes before purchasing them. This will help you in making the right choice and help you save some money as well!

Coil Formed Tubes are easily manufacturable tubes produced through a coil manufacturing process from flat steel strip that has been cold-reduced, hardened and pickled. The term Coil Formed refers to the shape of the tube as it exits the forming rolls after the inside diameter of the tube has been reduced to its final size. As in an old fashion coiled spring, there is considerable uncoiling after exiting the rollers and thus, coils are formed during the forming process.

Material Preparation

Coil formed tubes are made of a variety of materials, including polymers such as polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon, among others. The polymer pellets are mixed with a plasticizer—typically, dioctyl adipate (DOA)—and melted in an extruder. This mixture is forced through a mold die that forms it into a circular shape with a uniform wall thickness. The tube-shaped material is cooled and then ejected. The tubing is then cleaned and dried prior to being spooled for delivery to manufacturers of various end products including flexible housings for electronic equipment, automotive parts such as shock absorbers and fan belts, clothing items like leggings and tights, and medical devices such as syringes.

Material Composition of Coil Formed Tubes

Coil Forming

The forming process begins by placing a steel tube on top of a mandrel. The mandrel is then rotated through a variety of rolling stations and into a furnace where it is heated to over 1,000°F and held for 20-60 minutes. As it exits, coils are applied to the tube to aid in cooling (which then allows it to be transported). The coil helps transfer heat from one end of tube to another which significantly reduces how long each individual part must be held in a furnace.


First of all, before starting to manufacturing Coil Formed Tubes it is necessary to work out a raw material. We have our own quarry, in which every year we have different amount of ready stone which is used for molding of coils. As we are in Ukraine, where it is not so warm as in some other countries, there could be different changes during loading and unloading time when temperatures may vary from -25°C up to +10°C.



The basic metal surface finishing inspection for Coil Formed Tubes is mainly to inspect whether there are all kinds of defects on parts surface and how serious they are. This kind of inspection is carried out before Coil Formed Tubes leave the factory.

Packaging & Shipping

Once an order is placed, our team of packers pick and inspect each item. Once approved, they will make sure it is properly packaged to prevent any damage during shipping. We use recycled boxes whenever possible and ensure that all packaging materials are suitable for re-use. Your purchase will be shipped via UPS or USPS depending on its size and your location. All orders are shipped using tracking numbers, so you can monitor their progress every step of the way.

Packaging And Delivery of U tubes
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To supply you with top quality Coil Formed Tubes, we manufacture them by making use of premium quality raw materials and high-end technology. Our team comprises some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the field who help us in manufacturing high precision Coil Formed Tubes that are used for various applications. We utilize the latest techniques to produce Coil Formed Tubes cost-effectively so that it remains economical for our clients.

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