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We adhere to strict Quality Control Measures. Vigorous tests are conducted on all incoming raw material, intermediate and finished products to ensure the best quality products as per Quality Assurance Plan. A team of trained supervisors and quality control inspectors ensures that the quality is maintained at all the stages of production.
We aim to deliver high quality products that conform to different international standards and customer specifications.
The process is carefully documented to ascertain consistent and high quality batches of each product lot. At Krystal, We use the best available testing facilities for conducting Physical, Electrical, Mechanical & other kinds of tests that are required to assure superior quality products.

Following are the testing types of equipment at our facilities

NDE – Automatic Ultrasonic Test (UT)6.00 mm OD to 355 mm OD – Off line Rota Type Automatic water
Immersion Ultrasonic Testing Machine.
NDE – Manual Ultrasonic Test (UT)15.88 mm OD to 323 mm OD Upto 15 mm Thickness
NDE – Eddy Current Test (ECT)Upto 76.2 mm OD
Pneumatic Test (Air Under Water)6 mm OD to 50.8 mm OD Upto max 500 PSI
Hydrostatic Test3.175 mm OD to 219 mm OD
Ultrasonic Thickness GaugesUpto 15 mm (Digital)
Possitive Material Identification (PMI)Niton
Corrosion TestingLaboratory Glassware to test IGC Pr. A & E aac.
ASTM A 262 & EN ISO 3651 / 2
Tensile Flange / Flare / Flattening / Reverse Flattening Bend TestUTE 40 – FIE Make with (Extenso Meter)
Hardness TestTwin Hardness Tester, RAB-SAROJ make
Micro Structure Analysis & Grain ExaminationPolishing Machine Electro Etching Machine Inverted Metallurgical Microscope with Optics & CCD Camera
Dimensional CheckingDigital Vernier Caliper, Flat & Ball Micrometer etc of Mitutoyo make