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Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values


  • We aspire to become a Global Industry Benchmark with Diversified Products & Brands for Value Creation with global Citizenship.
  • To become a preferred Choice Organization for the People & Partners.


  • To become ₹ 1,000 Crore ($ 170 Million) Cash Rich Group by 2024.


  • To Maximize the effective utilization of Available Working Time & Facility by 2020 for the Quantum Leap forward.
  • To Become System Driven Organization by Successful implementation of Software, Manuals, 5S, TQM, Time Study, CIP, Law of Attractions, Internal Audits, etc.
  • To Diversify into New Product, New Markets by 2022.
  • KRYSTAL Group to Introduce New Facility with Forward / Backward Integration by 2020.
  • To Diversify into Education, Healthcare & Entertainment Sector by 2022.
  • KRYSTAL Group would successfully become one of the well-Recognized & Referred Group for its Products, Services & CSR Activities as well.
  • KRYSTAL Group to become multinational by means of International JV / M&A by 2022.
  • KRYSTAL Group celebrates the success of being into ₹ 1000 Crore & ₹ 3000 Crore Elite club by 20th July 2024 & 20th July 2030 Respectively.


  • Time Value – Time is the most precious & limited resource that’s how it is known to be more important than Money. We have to Value Time and put our best efforts to accomplish all given activities and jobs on or before time. “Invest your Valuable Time Mindfully”
  • Proactive Communication – Right & Proactive Communication is the key to success & satisfaction at all levels defines our control over our progressive mission.
  • Ownership & Commitment – Love the work You Do or Do the work you love, once you are in love with your work with Passion, Ownership & Accountability follows smoothly and Success with Happiness is Sure & Certain.
  • Harmonious Team Work – “Team Work Makes Dream Work”. Being in perfect Harmony for the common Goal of the organisation builds the strongest team to achieve any dream with ease & peace.
  • Customers Delight – Customer Focus brings insight to know ingredients of Customer Delight. Happy Customer is the strongest foundation of every successful Business. We put all our thoughts, words and actions for the Customer Delight in Price, Product & Services.
  • Clean & Green – Nature is the kindest of all giving us so many resources to live the life beautifully. It is our utmost duty to keep the nature Clean & Green for infinite usage. We promise to put all conscious efforts to make our home, society, work place and our nature clean & green by all possible means.