Manufacturing Process of Duplex

If you’re in the market for new stainless steel duplex products, you might have wondered where they come from. While some companies use cheaper alternatives like regular steel or even carbon steel duplex to get their products manufactured, others want the best quality materials possible and are willing to pay a higher price to get them. It’s just one of the reasons why manufacturers of duplex stainless steel products can charge as much as $100,000 per square meter. If you want to learn more about how duplex stainless steel is made, keep reading!

Stainless Steel Duplex

Duplex stainless steels are a family of stainless steels. These are called duplex grades because their metallurgical structure consists of two phases, austenite and ferrite in roughly equal proportions.

Duplex stainless steels are a family of stainless steels. These are called duplex (or austenitic-ferritic) grades because their metallurgical structure consists of two phases, austenite (face-centered cubic lattice) and ferrite (body centered cubic lattice) in roughly equal proportions. They are designed to provide better corrosion resistance, particularly chloride stress corrosion and chloride pitting corrosion, and higher strength than standard austenitic stainless steels such as Type 304 or 316.

Heat Treatment

Heating, or tempering, duplex stainless steel makes it tougher by reducing its brittleness. When heated to between 1470 and 1550 degrees Celsius (3000 to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit), duplex stainless undergoes a process called annealing. In annealing, duplex undergoes a slight change in crystal structure, allowing it to become less brittle and more ductile. This will increase its tensile strength, improving its quality as a material for both kitchen equipment and industrial machines.

Secondary Processing

Once duplex stainless steel has been produced, it needs to undergo secondary processing before it’s ready for use. This includes annealing (heating) and pickling (preparing surfaces with dilute acid). The details vary by producer, but in general it involves heating a batch of stainless to a specific temperature and then soaking it in acid. During annealing, stainless steel parts are gradually heated so they’re not exposed to excessive heat at any given moment. Pickling involves spraying parts with pickle liquor (an acidic mixture) or immersing them in a tank containing solution. It’s used as a final cleaning process that removes excess scale and will occur between annealing and actual use.

Surface Finish

Once an ingot of Duplex stainless steel has been forged and annealed, it is ready to undergo surface finishing. There are two main types of surface finish that help manufacturers prepare their products for further processing or end use. Wire-brushing helps remove any oxidation from freshly-forged ingots that could impede other machining processes. Surface finishing also improves weldability, allowing for easier bonding with subsequent layers during fabrication. Etching serves a similar purpose, but with different results. Rather than removing oxides through abrasion, duplex stainless steel manufacturer would like to dissolve them; etching uses concentrated acids to do so while simultaneously giving products a uniform coloration throughout each layer.

Why Duplex?

One big reason why duplex stainless steel is a good option for your business is that it’s manufactured by an array of suppliers. Depending on your needs, you can purchase duplex stainless from a company that specializes in producing welded pipe or one that produces plate, tubing and rods. Any manufacturer worth its salt should have no problem customizing duplex stainless to meet your specifications as a supplier of duplex stainless steel. You’ll likely find yourself with plenty of options when sourcing from multiple producers, which can be helpful if you need high volumes of different grades or want to use one grade for multiple uses.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Duplex

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