Manufacturing Process of Seamless Tubes and Pipes

Seamless Tubes and Pipes are usually made of high tensile steel which is an alloy that has chromium, molybdenum, nickel, or manganese added to carbon steel to increase its strength and heat resistance. A seamless tube or pipe starts as small diameter bar stock, called as-rolled metal, which is heated in a furnace and rolled into the desired shape and size.

How seamless tubes are manufactured

A seamless pipe is made from a tube that has been expanded in diameter, so that it has no seams. In industry, a seamless tube or pipe refers to a hollow metallic tubular product manufactured by forcing a solid round material through an extrusion die to form an extended body. The process is also known as cold expansion or roll forming. A seamless pipe can be manufactured from many materials such as brass, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel. All these pipes have a relatively smooth internal surface which lends itself to easy cleaning making them more hygienic than their welded counterparts which are more likely to harbor bacteria etc. Seamless pipes are also available in grades appropriate for use with many applications.

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How seamless pipes are manufactured

When manufacturing seamless pipes, a round bar is put in one end (A) and then it goes through all other processes in order to make it into a pipe. First, it passes through a machine called an electric furnace which softens it up at high temperatures. It then goes through another machine that expands it from 1 metre to 9 metres long; because as you can imagine, if you are going to bend something without kinks in your pipe, you have to first make sure there are no kinks! Next, it goes through a machine that straightens out any defects like twists or bends. Finally, two longitudinal rolling machines press on both sides of the pipe so that it becomes completely straight and takes its final shape for use in plumbing. Every step of process is carefully controlled by engineers who often operate under tight tolerances to ensure seamless quality products are produced every time. But wait – we’re not done yet! 

A special zinc alloy coating is applied onto each tube prior to delivery to prevent corrosion. Now these aren’t just any old seamless tubes or pipes; they are tested for their strength with x-rays and pressure testing equipment before being packaged up, shipped and sold all over Australia! And yes, even though most people don’t know about how seamless pipes are manufactured, now you do too! Congratulations: keep reading our blogs for more facts about various industries including manufacturing industry stories.

Factors affecting prices in pipes manufacturing

The cost is determined by various factors. These are mainly: raw material, labor charges, production time, plant & machinery charges and others. The price quoted by a pipe manufacturer for seamless pipes covers all these costs with proper margin for profit.

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